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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there folks, this is Katie talking. As you may know, I am a mom now! So fun, but it makes for busy days! I try to check the Saskatoon email regularly, but sometimes it takes a while to get back to you. So try reading these updated FAQ's to see if I answered your question. Probably quicker than waiting for me to write back!

If you don't find your answer, by all means write to us at Maybe your question will make into the next edition of

Saskatoon Circle: FAQ'S!

Our little girl will be two years old at the gathering!

How time flies!!! We are looking forward to seeing everyone!

When and Where is Saskatoon Circle?

June 17-23, 2018 in the Methow Valley, WA. Closest town is Carlton, WA.

When can I buy tickets?

Tickets will go on sale March 15th.  Send us a note to to get on our notification list!

I was there last year and saw Carlos get injured. How is he doing?

As those of you at SC2017 know, Carlos sustained a bad concussion when a large tent structure blew down and hit him in the head. This was a terrible accident, and his recovery has been slow. His doctor  pronounced in October that he has no permanent brain damage, but he may experience nerve pain in his neck for a long time. We visited Laura and Carlos in November, and they are doing well despite this big blow to their family. I am selling Laura's textile weavings as a way to help support the family. Please check the goods out here and support them if you are able!

Is there work trade available?

No, sorry, we are done accepting applications for this year. Send us an email to get notified for next year! There is always a chance we need people last minute, but don't get your hopes up.

Can I get a scholarship for being awesome? Or at least a sliding scale ticket?

As much as we would like to offer these, it takes a lot of work and resources to put on this gathering. As a paying student, you make Saskatoon Circle possible. There are other free skill share type events that may suit your needs better. We do offer scholarships for native/ tribal members, so if this applies to you please reach out and we can talk about what that looks like.

Can I come for free if I offer a class?

While we recognize and appreciate the many gifts everyone brings to the gathering, we cannot have everyone come as an instructor. Teaching is not about "coming for free," it's about being passionate to share skills you have mastered and being commited to the community. We strive to keep class quality high and the student/instructor ratio at a good level. With a gathering of this small size, instructor spots fill up early, so contact us early if you think your skills are truly a good fit for our gathering, and have something new and unique to offer. A great way for us to see if you qualify is for you to come as a paying student, offer your class anyway, and see what sort of feedback you get from students.

What is the food like? Can you meet my dietary restrictions?

The food is healthy, filling, homegrown, organic, delicious, and made with love! We do serve a lot of meat, but dishes are usually seperate so you can choose not take food you won't eat. A vegetarian eater will still get plenty of food. If you are vegan, you may need to bring some supplemental food to ensure that you get what you need. There will be herbal tea and hot water available at meals as well. Take our food survey HERE to have some input in the kitchen!

Since only two meals are served per day, what will I do for lunch?

Breakfast and Dinner are group meals, so you'll have to bring your own food for lunches. You can bring a cooler if you want. We are considering roping in a friend to make wood fired pizzas or food truck tacos to sell for lunch, but no promises! There is a "hippie convenience store" about 5 miles away, bigger grocery store is about 20 miles in Twisp.

When will tickets sell out?

We will sell tickets until we feel the camp has reached capacity. We keep numbers around 200  total. We might sell out in March, or we might still be selling tickets at the gate. Your best bet is to buy a ticket as soon as you decide to come! Adult tickets will cost $300 during March and April, and go up to $350 May 1. Buying a ticket early also helps us plan the best gathering possible, so please don't wait if you know you plan to be there.We  can refund your ticket minus processing fees until June 1st. After June 1st, you can try to sell your ticket yourself, or you can roll it over until next year. Please check on this website right before the event to see if there are still tickets available at the gate.

Is there cell phone service?

Depends. Verizon works sometimes if you stand in the right spot. Plan on being pretty disconnected for a week. Katie's phone works for emergency communications, and you can always drive down the road a  bit to call your mom. But wouldn't it be nice just to not deal with screens for a week?

Tell me about the camping and facilities.

Camping at Saskatoon Circle could be considered primitive for some, glamping for others. You'll be able to drive within a 100 yards or so of most campsites. If you want to camp well away from the group, be prepared to pack in your gear.  We have an area for drive up car camping, RV's or "Tin Tipi's." There is no electrical hookup, and please no generators! We want to hear the birds!

There will be porta potties and composters if we can figure out a place to compost... Bring a sun shower if you want. There are also showers for $5 available 20 miles away in the town of Twisp. And there is a creek to jump in. We haul in good drinking water for camp.

The land is beautiful and expansive, with terrain varying from creek bottom to shrub steb to open meadows. Our 220 acre site borders National Forest. Lots to explore!

Will my kids have fun? Will I be able to take classes even if I have a newborn?

We strive to offer an awesome kids program! It's a big part of the gathering to include kids and families. However, as a parent I'm sure you realize that kid's camp instructors cannot keep all kids occupied all the time so parents can have uninterrupted class time, especially with very young kids. Try coming with friends and sharing kid duty, or maybe you'll make new friends at the gathering! I hope to pass off my baby to Grandma sometimes so I can be involved, but we'll see how it goes! We are going to set up a "Baby Zone" so there will be a safe place for babies and their caretakers to relax and play.

Is there anything for my tween or teenager?  

Yes! This year we anticipate developing more classes and activities for the 12-17 year olds. Of course, youth can join adult classes if they have the focus and instructors okay it, but we plan to have some fun things geared toward these crucial middle years as well. Think a night hike, camp wide capture the flag, quickie bows and padded arrows... and we are open to suggestions!

I'm a teacher, I run a homeschool  group, I know I could find kids to bring. What do you think?

We are very open to figuring out logistics with school group and kid groups of any kind. Options run from an afternoon to attending the entire gathering. Email us!

I'm local. Can I come just for the day?

Short answer is yes. We would love to figure out how to make Saskatoon Circle more accessible for locals. The struggle is, we have many muti-day classes, and since we can't plan on a certain class being a certain day, we cannot guarantee that the class you want will be offered the day you come. We are working on logistics and prices. Bear with us, and shoot us an email to let us know you are interested.

Should I bring lots of drugs and alcohol? Is this a party scene?

Please don't. We want to keep Saskatoon Circle family friendly and fun for all. If you cannot handle a week without becoming overly intoxicated, please reconsider coming to this gathering. Some people bring homemade mead and wine for barter, and that's okay, but please keep in mind the spirit of the "no drugs and alcohol policy." We want to create a safe space for everyone, including people who struggle with substance abuse and come to a gathering like this thinking it is drug and alcohol free. Be respectful.

Will we be able to have a campfire this year?

One of the main reasons we changed the time of year to June is that historically, June is still a safe time to have fires. The burn ban USUALLY doesn't come on until early July. We hope to have a nice big bonfire this year! However, we have way more respect for the land and our neighbors than to be a catalyst for a wildfire - we live in changing times, and we must adapt. Thank you for understanding that the new reality we live in may force some changes that we don't like, but we will figure it out and be more resilient for it.

What else is great about SaskaJune?

Well, June is one of the most beautiful times in the Methow. There will be abundant wild foods, so look for more classes in this area. Schools are out, so we hope for more families with kids kicking off summer vacation. It's also the Solstice, so we'll have a reason to celebrate the turning wheel of the seasons! And the long daylight will mean more time for finishing projects, socializing, and general merriment! The Fairy Congress Event is taking place at Skalitude Retreat Center just over the hill, starting Thursday the evening of June 22. Email me if you plan to do both events and I'll give you a ticket discout for the day of Saskatoon you'll miss. Find a link here!

Is my dog welcome?

Well... is your dog on a leash and well behaved? We ask that you leave your dog at home if you can, but understand that is not possible for everyone. Dogs generally don't have the greatest fun at a gathering like this. And if your dog causes trouble, I may need to ask you to leave, or I may threaten to eat your dog. I PROBABLY won't actually do it, but I find disrespectful dogs and dog owners to be one of the most irritating things I need to deal with during this event. If you don't think you can keep your dog out of trouble, please leave him at home. And if your dog is well trained, well behaved, and you have a leash he can't chew through, well, buy yourself a dog ticket and come on down.

What will the weather be like?

June can be unpredictable! Likely the days will be sunny, warm to hot. Nights will be cooler, but not as cold as the September Saskatoons. Bring warm layers for hanging out at night! Sometimes it rains. Best to be prepared for anything.

What classes will be offered?

Classes depend on the instructors that attend this event. A complete list of classes will not be posted until we are on site at the gathering. See the Instructors and Classes page on this website for the most up to date information about who is likely to be there.

What do I need to bring?

There is a basic schedule posted on the Logistics page. Scroll down to find a gear list. If you buy a ticket, we'll send you an email in late May with more details.

Should I attend Saskatoon Circle?

Do you like primitive skills, meeting awesome new friends, and camping out in a beautiful place? How about eating good food and giving thanks together for the many blessings of this wonderful life?

If yes, then YES!!

If no, you should consider giving it a try! You might have fun!

What's with all the rainbow website backgrounds? I thought this was earth skills!

Excuse me for having fun with my computer! And I want to celebrate all the many colors of our amazing planet - no drab brown for this Earth! Sunsets, flowers, hummingbirds, rainbows! And so forth!

Still have questions?

Okay, shoot us a line at Please be patient if the response is not instantaneous. Thanks and hope to see you in June!!!  

photo credit: Matt Hamon