Laura's Weavings For Sale

Laura is an amazing weaver who learned from her mother in their village in Guatemala. Laura and her husband Carlos live on Whidbey Island, WA. Laura has been coming to the Methow to teach Guatemalan backstrap loom weaving at the Saskatoon Circle Primitive and Traditional Skills Gathering for seven years.

In a sad and tragic accident, Carlos was injured at  Saskatoon Circle this past year. He sustained a bad concussion and has been out of work since the accident.This has been an extremely trying time for their family. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Laura‚Äôs weavings will go directly back to Laura and Carlos to help support them until Carlos is healed up and back to work.

Laura says she has a lot more weavings and will give you a good price if you want multiple items!

Current Inventory:

Two beautiful scarves priced at $60 each - one solid green, one red, yellow, blue tones in picture. These are gorgeous, true works of art.

Eight medium sized purses priced at $25 each in various colors of the glorious rainbow. Would make a great gift !

Four stunning wrap skirts in navy blue palette with metallic accents priced at $120 each

(bottom right of picture) I bought one from her at Saskatoon and wear it all the time. It's so durable, Laura says it will last 20 years.

Three large patterned cloths, can be used as skirts, table cloth, wall hangings etc... $80 each (centerpiece of picture)

Five beaded keychains as shown in picture (elephant is sold) priced at $10 each

Four wide beade bracelets at $10 each

Ten narrow beaded bracelets at $5 each

Please email Katie at to place an order.

I can also send you pictures of individual items and help you make the best selection for you, as well as connect you with Laura if there is any other item you want that I don't have.

Thank you for your help in supporting Laura and Carlos!