Saskatoon Circle Schedule

Basic Gathering Schedule

Sunday, June 17:

Opening Circle is at noon, followed by instructor announcements/introductions

Dinner at 7 pm!

Monday, June 18 through Friday, June 22:

Breakfast is at 8 am, followed by the daily class announcements. Classes begin around 9:30 am. Lunch break from 12-1. Afternoon class session is from 1-5 pm.

Dinner is at 7 pm, followed by various evening activities like talking and singing around the fire, evening offerings from instructors, and general merriment. We try to respect everyone's needs, from families with small children, to people who need to wake up early to cook breakfast, to the late night revelers. Respect is the thing.          

Remember, Saskatoon Circle is a drug and alcohol free event.

Friday, June 22:

There will be classes in the morning and into early afternoon, followed by a camp-wide Barter Circle around 2 pm. Bring your handcrafted goods, wildcrafted food, medicines, what-have-you, and frog skins!

Our last evening together calls for celebration! Drumming, dancing, maybe even Paleo Disco night....? Trot out your finest costumery and let's get it on!

Saturday, June 23:

Breakfast is our last meal together. At morning announcements we'll have a chance to say goodbye and share good things that happened during the week.

Then it's time to pack up and head home... bringing good memories, new skills, and inspiration home with you!  Happy Trails!

Basic Gear List

Personal camping gear

Cooler with food and snacks for your lunches, etc.

Bowl, plate, cup, and eating utensils or whatever you need for meals


Camp chair (if desired)


An awl can be handy for projects, if you have one

Personal First Aid Kit and any necessary medication

Extra clothes for inclement weather

Cash for additional material fees from instructors

Items for trade or barter

A notebook for taking notes during classes

Anything you may want to be comfortable and meet your needs

We are making efforts to minimize car traffic in our meadow, so plan on being able to haul your gear into camp if you want to be in the woods at the far end of the meadow. This does not apply to instructors hauling in class materials.There is also car/rv camping and plenty of camping where you can drop your stuff pretty close and then move your car. If you have special needs we are more than happy to accomodate you. Our work traders are happy help anyone who needs a hand!

We are happy to answer any questions! Please check out the FAQ'S page first, then  contact us at